San Francisco?s Edinburgh Castle Pub–for years now host to traditional fish and chips, stiff drinks, and some of the city?s sexiest writers-?has produced its first ever anthology. Saith the Chronicle:

“Generations of literary greats have spent many a late night drawing inspiration from the watering holes they frequented. James Joyce was a regular at Davy Byrnes Pub in Dublin, Ernest Hemingway loved Harry’s Bar in Venice, Charles Bukowski would drag himself into any dive in Los Angeles that wouldn’t throw him out.

So it only makes sense, as Alan Black says, to put the pub into publishing.

Black, the bar manager at the Edinburgh Castle Pub, has published — with writer Luke James and former bartender Sean O’Melveny — a book that was, in their words, “forged” at the pub in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. As they describe it on the first of its 174 pages, “Public House” is “an anthology of spoken word, short fiction, poetry, image, and rant.” ”

Among the notables included are Ivine Welsh, Po Bronson, Mary Roach, and my friend and former fellow writers group member Anne N. Marino, author of the novel ?The Collapsible World.? Check it out.

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