I’m really excited about teaching this new personal essay class for Stanford Continuing Studies’ Online Writers Studio (registration opens Monday 12/2). To design it, I culled the readings and exercises that worked best with my undergraduate students at Warren Wilson College, many of whom did stunning and artful work. That’s testament mostly to their bravery and commitment, but I like to think the class provided a channel for their obsessions and talents, and I hope this new class will, too. Students will draft (and receive feedback) on three shorter essays, and write one longer essay for an in-depth workshop. The reading load is quantitatively light–BUT the attention paid to the reading will be qualitatively high.

Stanford Continuing Studies has posted the preliminary syllabus at this link. If you or anyone you know is hankering to write personal essays in the new year, and if you think the class might be a fit, please don’t hesitate to ask me questions–

Oh, and one more thing. Stanford Continuing Studies’ Online Writers Studio moved to a new platform, Canvas, which we just got trained in last week. It’s clean, inviting, and bug-free–such an improvement over the old Blackboard experience. This is going to feel like a luxurious Winter semester.

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