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My review in the Chronicle:

“Perhaps a top dance company is not so different from a top restaurant – the key to success is consistency in the kitchen. Home season after home season, Lines Ballet consistently serves up stunningly soul-laid bare dancing, and the spring season that opened Friday is no exception. Brett Conway is a vision of fierce elegance; 6-foot-5 Corey Scott-Gilbert is an outsize wonder of muscular articulation. A new viewer of the company, overwhelmed by these paragons of artistic director Alonzo King’s twisting, twining movement style, would probably never suspect that, choreographically, the slate of dances continuing at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts through Sunday is not one of King’s finest menus.

I run the risk of sounding contrarian by saying that. Opening this program is King’s “Signs and Wonders,” recently named by the National Endowment for the Arts as an “American Masterpiece” (a crowning the Lines marketing department is missing no opportunity to advertise, more power to them). This longtime Lines admirer can think of half a dozen other King works she’d place before it, but masterpiece or no, “Signs and Wonders” is a beautiful ballet.

The recorded music is traditional African chant and drums, but often in surprising incarnations – one selection with piano backup sounds surprisingly like Motown. ”

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