If it seems quiet in the U.S., dance criticism-wise, that’s because everyone’s in Denmark for the Royal Danish Ballet’s third Bournonville Festival. John Rockwell is covering it for the New York Times:

“COPENHAGEN, June 7 – In the ballet world the third Bournonville Festival here, from June 3 to 11, is a treasured occasion, all the more so for its infrequency. Countless international balletomanes, including more than 120 dance critics, are in attendance, all to see the extant Bournonville repertory in a style that can still claim a direct connection to the era of its creation.

And they have been amply rewarded, with ballets that retain their remarkable freshness and dancing that suggests renewed health for the Royal Danish Ballet.

August Bournonville (1805-79) shaped Danish ballet, creating more than 50 works. The company today is a direct descendant of his tenure as its director, and a beloved national institution. Queen Margrethe II has been in her box every night of the festival. “It feels as if the whole city is celebrating with us,” said Frank Andersen, the ever-enthusiastic artistic director of the Royal Danish Ballet. ”

But some of the best coverage is web-exclusive. I haven’t had time to keep up with it all, but if you’re dreaming of Denmark, check out Tobi Tobias’s sharp-eyed reports on her blog, Seeing Things. And visit DanceView Times for Eva Kistrup’s accounts.

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