Alexandra Tomalonis–Washington Post freelancer, ballet biographer, DanceView Times editor, and critic?s mentor extraordinaire?is handing off leadership of her online forum Ballet Alert! in order to concentrate on teaching and writing and the myriad other things she does. If you?re a ballet lover and you haven?t checked out Ballet Alert! (the name derives from a satire published by Arlene Croce in the New Yorker), get thee to It?s provided a continual education for me in aesthetics and ballet history. God knows how Alexandra found the time to post her thoughtful replies to ballet questions of all stripes, but she built that site into the conversational equivalent of a ballet encyclopedia. Rest assured it will continue?though rechristened–under a smart new team led by the gracious and knowledgeable Leigh Witchel.

Congratulations to Alexandra on a well earned semi-retirement.

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