Hello friends, this week I’m off to Asheville, NC, where I’ll be attending my final residency as a student at Warren Wilson College’s wonderful writing program, and graduating with my MFA in fiction on July 12. The graduation marks a moment of great change, uncertainty, and most of all optimism in my life.

Dance fans may have noticed that I haven’t been writing much for the Chronicle recently. I hope I’m not telling tales out of school when I explain that the paper cancelled all of my June, July, and August review assignments, due to a reduced freelance budget.

The slow-down at the Chronicle has coincided with my growing personal desire to pursue the teaching of writing, and to focus on non-journalistic work. I’m excited to say I’ll be teaching creative nonfiction this fall through Stanford Continuing Studies–more details soon. Meanwhile, I’m dedicating July and August to intensive work on a book-in-progress.

I’m not certain where this leaves my dance writing for the latter half of 2009. I keep contemplating taking a “dance writing sabbatical,” and then keep backing away from announcing such a decision when I realize how much I’ll miss reporting on all the inspiring dancers and thought-provoking choreographers I’m so fortunate to observe here in the Bay Area. Still, in my gut, I suspect a substantial break would be for the best.

Meanwhile, I’m thoroughly enjoying designing the class I’ll be teaching this fall, and I’m working happily every day on my own writing endeavors. So this is just an update to say that you won’t see much of me in the paper this summer. As for fall, we’ll take things as they come.

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