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UPDATE: Not until late yesterday evening did it come to my attention that there’s a copy editing error in the review rendering a sentence in the second paragraph nonsensical. The sentence should read:” . . . propeller-legged jumps, lightning-fast punches, BACKFLIPS landed on the crown of the head.”

Ah, daily journalism.

The Shaolin monks are back at Lines Ballet. My review in today’s Chronicle:

“Usually the phrase “back by popular demand” is just so much marketing spin, but apparently the word really has gotten out about Lines Ballet’s collaboration with Shaolin monks. This week’s entire encore run of “Long River High Sky” at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater is sold out, and Wednesday’s opening-night audience was on its feet the moment the curtain fell.

Most of the cheers during the two-hour show went to the monks’ more acrobatic kung fu feats: propeller-legged jumps, lightning-fast punches, landed on the crown of the head. But after one quartet exclusively by Lines’ own exquisite dancers, an irrepressible lone enthusiast shouted “Bravo!,” and more power to him. Because though the monks may be mesmerizing, they’re far from carrying the show. The real marvel here is how choreographer Alonzo King brings these two art forms together with a shared sense of spiritual purpose that can’t be faked or fabricated.”

Click here for the full review, and here for my review from last year (which, frankly, is better written). And go here for some very cool pictures.

Finally, click here to see video from last year’s show, which included a different cast of monks.

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