Apparently San Francisco Ballet artistic director Helgi Tomasson agreed with my assessment of Sarah Van Patten in “Carousel (A Dance)” and “The Fifth Season,” because she and Rachel Viselli have just been promoted to principal. Thanks to the sharp-eyed balletomanes at Ballet Alert for the tip-off.

Here’s Van Patten in “The Fifth Season,” opposite Pierre-Francois Vilanaoba:


And in “Carousel,” also with Vilanoba:


Of course neither image really gives you any idea of the originality of her dancing.

Both photos by Erik Tomasson, courtesy SF Ballet.

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  • Jane Posted April 1, 2007 8:26 am

    I find is disturbing that in Howard’s acknowledgment of Van Patten and Viselli’s promotions to “Principal” that she chose to only show photos of Sarah and “rave” about her performances. It is clear to the readers that Van Patten is a favorite of Howards, which she entitled to, however, let’s give credit where credit is due. Viselli’s promotion deserved equal acknowledgement and more respect from this reviewer.

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