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The New Yorker’s Joan Acocella writes about the new Baryshnikov Arts Center:

“More than anything, though, Mikhail Baryshnikov intends the center as a meeting place. ?I wanted to bring people together in an informal way,? he says. ?So many collaborations in the theatre, it?s just some producer thinks, Well, this guy had a nomination for Emmy, so, O.K., let?s have him. But it doesn?t have to be well-known choreographer. Could be fair chance given to a young person. I think better collaborative juices grow when people meet on free turf. You?re a poet; I?m a filmmaker. You?re a choreographer; I?m a playwright. People see each other?s work and exchange telephone numbers, and that?s how it starts.? ”

Via Arts Journal and Ballet Talk.

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