I defer to the author’s authority as an artist and creator, while offering candid thoughts on structure and language, and engaging in deep conversation with the writer to help her find her most inspired solutions. If you are interested in editorial services, please contact me at rachel dot howard at gmail dot com. I am happy to provide samples of my editorial letters and margin comments to help you discern whether I am the right editor for your work.

As Editorial Director at Shebooks, I have been fortunate to be able to rely on Rachel Howard as a thorough, sensitive editor who is as skilled at developmental editing as she is at nitty-gritty line editing. All of our authors who have worked with Rachel have been delighted that she helped them make their work much better, and that she was such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for both fiction and non-fiction editing, long projects as well as shorter essays. She’s a gem!

Laura Fraser, editorial director, Shebooks.

Rachel Howard is a master at coaching the writer, whether you are a beginning or advanced writer. If it weren’t for Rachel Howard, I would have not a published book. She encouraged me to be my most honest self, which translated into better writing and my best storytelling, ever. Rachel knows when to give you tough love and compassion, while validating your experience and process. On many occasions from my readers, I was told that my book stands out with them because it’s so well tied together – the pace and tone are catchy, exactly enough detail to feel immersed but not too much detail to feel bored. I felt so comfortable with Rachel. She is down to earth and very pleasant. Her presence made my telling an intense story an enriching and great experience. She helped me feel whole as a person and as a writer.

Saeeda Hafiz – author of The Healing: A Memoir of Food, Family, and Yoga