My review in the Chronicle, and a correction: “The Shifting Cornerstone” repeats this WEDNESDAY through Sunday, not only Saturday and Sunday as I reported.

“Joanna Haigood has staged dances off the side of the Ferry Building clock tower and from the rafters at San Francisco International Airport. By comparison, the site of her new “The Shifting Cornerstone,” at the corner of Mission and Third streets, might seem pedestrian. But on Saturday afternoon, her vision was not lost on passersby as Amara Tabor-Smith, dressed in long skirts and jangling a set of rusty keys like a ghost of SoMa past, lunged atop the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts’ corner edifice.

“It’s beautiful!” a man shouted from his Ford F-150 truck.

As it turns out, this crammed slice of sidewalk – anxious ushers keep onlookers from stepping off the curb and in front of speeding cabs – is the best location for Haigood’s work. It pushes her historically informed hauntings right into the stream of the present, which is what her Zaccho Dance Theatre is all about.

“The Shifting Cornerstone” – presented by the WestWave Dance Festival and YBCA, and repeating this Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. in continuous half-hour loops – is not Haigood’s most spectacular or outwardly ambitious installation. Yet it achieves the kind of natural, thought-provoking interaction with its surroundings that most site-specific artists strive for in vain.”

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