You’ve got to give Rob Bailis, director of ODC Theater, big points for curatorial initiative. Faced with a last-minute cancellation by a struggling dance company last year, he inaugurated an impromptu series for emerging choreographers, The Underserved. Faced with producing The Underserved again this year, he asked eleven talents to drop all pretentiousness and make five-minute dances to their favorite pop tunes. Alma Esperanza Cunningham will be choreographing to Jimi Hendrix, Rebecca Pappas to Weezer, Samantha Blanchard to Chumbawamba. The only catch is that I can’t make it–I’ll be in Berkeley tonight and tomorrow, for Bill T. Jones.

If you, like me, enjoy nothing more than dancing to your radio in your living room, this should be fun. Click here for details on The Underserved II, “POP!”

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