I’ve been doing a lot of dance/performance writing lately, and thought I would collect it here:

Interview with Korean Shaman-singer Dohee Lee. This was a special encounter for me, and I wish I’d had at least twice the space to profile her. I admire her so much.

Extremely short preview of Robert Moses’ Kin. His solo, “Slow Rise of a Rigid Man,” did turn out to be the best thing about the evening.

Interview with Zimbabwean exile Nora Chipaumire, bringing her choreography to the Black Choreographers Festival. Another subject that deserved more space.

A review of Diablo Ballet. Robert Dekkers was the man of the hour.

An interview with ballet superstar Alina Cojocaru, formerly of the Royal Ballet, in SF with the Hamburg Ballet. Delightful woman and dedicated artist.

A profile of SF Ballet’s prolific Val Caniparoli on the occasion of his world premiere, “Tears.”

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