My memoir, The Lost Night, garnered some more book jacket quotes yesterday.

This came in from Alison Smith, whose Name All the Animals worked quite a spell on me as I was revising my own book:

“Rachel Howard pulls no punches, offers no simple answers–and this is what you want in a memoir. You want someone to take you by the hand and walk you through the darkest parts life, to guide you toward a deeper understanding of the human condition. Rachel does just that. I admire Rachel Howard, not only for what she has lived through, but for the eloquence, the compassion, the beauty that she has drawn out of this tragedy. By guiding us through that lost night, and the countless losses that followed, Howard has given us a great gift?the gift of a life reclaimed.”

And this came in from Anne N. Marino, author of the very sexy, very moving novel The Collapsible World:

The Lost Night is more than a chronicle of a murder, more than a narrative of a family blown apart in the wake of a harrowing event. Rachel Howard has told a strikingly vivid story of a little girl forced to endure and ultimately survive the betrayals, abuse and misgivings of the most dangerous kind of adults ? those who care for her. With her candid and fluid language, Howard?s exquisitely woven tale thrusts its reader into the zone of nightmares and takes us on a ride through the hot and arid world of California’s Central Valley, revealing its ghosts and its deliverance.”

I’m honored by both–and I’ve added them to my book page, along with the memoir’s cover design and a few photos. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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