Robert Gottlieb takes aim at the New York Times? recently retired Anna Kisselgoff at the end of his latest New York City Ballet review:

?We?ve recently been told by Anna Kisselgoff, in one of her farewell columns in The New York Times, that “professional Balanchine mourners” should move on. But to what? To her beloved Boris Eifman? (Yes, she?s still defending the indefensible.) Believe me, Anna, we want to move on?to any large talent that presents itself. That?s why everybody hangs over Christopher Wheeldon, praying that he?ll be the one to lead us into new green pastures. What we won?t do is abandon the standards that George Balanchine established, both for his own ballets and for the dancers in what we still can?t help thinking of as “our” company. Far from wishing Peter Martins ill, people like me cherish everything positive that he does. But that doesn?t mean we have to tamely accept second-rate performances of Four T?s, Divertimento, Square Dance. The company has terrific dancers, but they?re not being refined and sharpened; too many of them fail to grow. It?s not only the Balanchine mourners who aren?t moving on.”

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