Dance lovers have been searching this site for San Francisco Ballet soloist Liz Miner in recent days. But if you want to read about Liz, you?ll have to look elsewhere?at your nearest newsstand, specifically, for the latest issue of Dance Magazine. I?ve got an ?On the Rise? profile of the gracious Ms. Miner, accompanied by a shot of her in Mark Morris?s ?Sylvia.? It also happens to be the annual ?25 to Watch? issue, full of prescient picks and loads of great photos. I?ve got an item on ballet choreographer Amy Seiwert; Allan Ulrich sees good things happening for 848-mainstay Scott Wells; and Mary Ellen Hunt?s write-up on San Francisco Ballet?s Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun comes illustrated with young ?Ommi? herself in a lovely arabesque.

It?s an all-around great issue, as others will attest. I was picking up a copy at a neighborhood magazine rack yesterday when a woman in line said ?Ooh, Dance Magazine is good this month.? After some chatting, I learned the endorser was the mother of ballerina Elizabeth Loscavio. How?s that for a testimonial?

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