I reviewed San Francisco Ballet’s “Romeo and Juliet” for the Chronicle today, and apparently I was the only critic less than enthralled by it. The review’s headline encapuslates my reaction well: S.F. Ballet dancers rise above the flaws of middling version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’:

“San Francisco Ballet boasts several world-class story productions, but “Romeo and Juliet” is not one of them. Despite more than a decade of tinkering, artistic director Helgi Tomasson’s 1994 version, which the Ballet performs through Sunday, remains a good-enough staging for an exceptional company.

Still, the Ballet’s international-caliber dancers are wringing Tomasson’s workmanlike adaptation of the Shakespearean tragedy for every ounce of pathos it’s got. The casting alone makes this finale to the company’s 72nd season well worth catching. ”

The headstrong soloist Sarah Van Patten danced the Sunday matinee, and buzz about her performance is already swirling. She must have made quite an impression if search requests to this web site are any indication. I am looking forward to seeing her interpretation Thursday.

UPDATE: Reviews from Allan Ulrich, Tiger Hashimoto, and Mary Ellen Hunt.

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