Tobi Tobias weighs in on Eliot Feld?s Mandance Project:

?The more things change, the more they remain the same. The proverb might have been generated to describe Eliot?s Feld?s choreographic career. Feld?s latest company, Mandance Project?consisting of five men and a lone woman?recently made its debut in New York with a repertory of 11 dances, all but one of them brand new. Astonishingly, the work looks like much that Feld, a huge but inexplicably stymied talent, has been doing for the last quarter-century. The pieces?six of them on the program I saw?are typically astutely crafted but rigid, confined, and obsessively repetitive. The very antithesis of early Feld works like Intermezzo and At Midnight, they say no to organic flow and depth of feeling, substituting aren?t-I-clever? gimmicks for the qualities that lie at the heart of expressive dancing.?

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