I reviewed the SF Ethnic Dance Festival’s weekend one for the Chronicle, but the review was a little shorter than I’d intended. Here are the extras:

UPSIDE: A panorama of cultures and styles in a fast-moving showcase.
DOWNSIDE: Total disorientation.
30th ANNIVERSARY BONUS: Almost all the music is live this year, with master musicians flown in from around the world.
MY FAVORITE: Miriam Peretz in a shodiona (?dance of happiness?) from Uzbekistan/Tajikistan, flirting with two virtuoso musicians on the doira, a rattling handheld drum.
MOST ADORABLE: The sassy little girls of CPAA Arts Center tossing red handkerchiefs in their gymnastic New Year?s dance.

And check out some great photos of the festival.

UPDATE: After experimenting with the Upside/Downside bulletpoints and factoids, the Chronicle is going to be trying out many new ways of approaching reviews over the coming year. We’re working to open up the conversation about the arts in the Bay Area. Watch for reviews that break the mold in format and approach during this summer and fall.

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