CounterPULSE’s panel on dance writing last night brought out a wonderfully robust crowd–and a sometimes heated and politicized discussion. Frankly, I spent a sleepless night afterwards. Is my most cherished journalistic goal–writing for a fabled “general audience” about dance, spreading the notion that dance is a vital art form worth caring about to an intelligent but non-“insider” readership–is this naive? Doomed? Not considered useful to the dance community?

I’ll be thinking this through for some time.

In the meantime, here is CounterPULSE executive director Jessica Robinson’s post about the evening. I’m told CounterPULSE will also later post a podcast of the conversation.

Great thanks to Jessica, CounterPULSE, and Dance Discourse organizer Mary Armentrout, who all invest tremendous time and thoughtfulness in these panels.

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