A bit of time has passed since I’ve posted any updates about what I’ve been working on.

–I talked with photographer Lucy Gray about her new book Balancing Acts, which follows three superlative ballerinas (Tina LeBlanc, Katita Waldo, and Kristin Long) raising children over the course of 15 years. As I wrote in my intro for this roundtable interview with the dancers in the San Francisco Chronicle, the book is so much more than a sentimental celebration. It’s a work of advocacy for working mothers of all kinds. Brava, Lucy Gray.

–I wrote a profile of New Yorker illustrator Mark Ulriksen. Terrifically sweet and hard-working guy.

–I received an email from the Hudson Review asking if I had any dance review ideas to propose. I wrote back saying I’ve been thinking about Ohad Naharin’s Sadeh21 for five months (I saw it in San Francisco last November), and taking notes for an essay. The Hudson Review said to take up to 3,500 words and send the piece within a week. I worked on it all day, every day. I could never have invested so much work without knowing a publication of that quality would, in great likelihood, take it.

The essay on Naharin’s Sadeh21 will be out in the next issue of the Hudson Review. I’m beyond grateful to the editors.

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