No, I’m not returning to full-blown blogging (she doth protest too much?), just popping in to highlight a show flying low under the radar. With so many Bay Area choreographers gaga over arts-funding conditions in Germany, the gutsy San Francisco venue Counterpulse is taking a big risk on bringing Cologne-based choreographer Silke Z here. You might remember Silke Z from her trans-Atlantic work with Jess Curtis, one of the more successful Bay Area choreographers to try his luck in Europe. Silke Z’s San Francisco stay begins with two performances of the raucous dance/performance/graffiti/video work “DARE 3” next Sunday and Monday; she’ll then spend the next month creating “DARE 5” before unveiling it June 30-July 1. I really have no idea what to expect, but then, that seems appropriate. Check out the postcard below or click here for the Counterpulse site.


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