Welcome! You?ve arrived at the website of author, arts journalist, book reviewer, and dance critic Rachel Howard (that?s me on the right at eight, in the poufy tutu). Once a steady blog on dance and writing, this website is changing in nature as I focus the rest of this year on finishing a draft of a novel. I?ll be using the site to post more occasional notices on my readings and other events, updates on writing projects, and perhaps some random links to things I like.

Meanwhile, if you?ve come here looking for ?The Lost Night,? my memoir about the emotional aftermath of my father?s unsolved murder, you can read the great reviews here, dip into an excerpt here, see what all the people in the book look like in real life here, and check out the readings scheduled for this summer?s paperback release here. And you can always write to me at rachel at rachelhoward dot com.

If you?re a dance fan, you can look through hundreds of reviews and articles I?ve written about dozens of dance companies by using the search box over on the navigation bar. If you?re looking for a Bay Area company, the odds are high I?ve written about them.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your patience as I take time out to try some new things with my writing.

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