Check this out: my memoir “The Lost Night” is a November/December issue pick in Bookmarks Magazine:

“Howard, an arts writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, delivers a stunning debut. Forgoing the true-crime treatment, Howard remains restrained, her focus on the broad emotional panorama of the story instead of lurid details and self-pity. In crisp, unadorned prose, she explores broken families, drugs, rural California, and the hard emotional work of remembering. The Washington Post notes a ?flavor of journal-writing? to The Lost Night, but it?s a mere quibble overshadowed by the heady chorus of critical praise. ?[N]o novel based on Ms. Howard?s life,? concludes The Wall Street Journal, ?no matter how skillfully crafted, could have been as believable as The Lost Night.? ”

Click here to see the whole list.

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  • mr. phelps Posted October 24, 2005 11:56 am

    E. L. Doctorow. Sadie Smith. Rushdie. Not bad company to be with. Congrats.

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