Back in San Francisco and powering through one more reading tonight, at 7 p.m., at the Borders on Union Square. Then I get a break from the readings for a bit–and you faithful blog readers get a break from hearing about the memoir. I’ve got great dance stuff on the horizon–I promise!–including the San Francisco Chronicle’s Fall Arts Preview, which hits the stands August 28th.

Santa Barbara was a lovely whirlwind that sent me straight from a book party at my gracious in-laws’ house to a reading at the downtown Borders. Thanks to the fellow College of Creative Studies alumnae who came out, and to the cafe barristas whose ears perked up during my reading and who came by afterwards to buy the book and have me sign.

Also at the reading was Mr. Henry Babcock, a very good friend to my brother Emmet during his Army deployment to Mosul, Iraq. For those who have been keeping my brother in their thoughts, my mother and I received word today that he’ll be moving to Kuwait (and out of harm’s way) in just ten days, and coming back to the States a few weeks after that. We’re proud of him, saddened by the losses of many good soldiers, and counting down every day until we see him again.

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  • Henry Posted August 21, 2005 1:42 pm

    Yes, I chatted with Emmet last night. He says his health is improving and he is looking forward to Kuwait; not the heat, but the lack of gunfire. We can’t wait until he is safely back here.

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