Ah, the San Francisco Ballet season is upon us! My review of the gala in the SF Chronicle:

“Absent a major milestone to fuel giddy whispers Wednesday at San Francisco Ballet’s gala, the real celebration was in the dancing. Helgi Tomasson’s 20th season at the helm passed last year; the company’s 75th anniversary won’t arrive until 2008. But why wait for a big number to toast when you’re watching dancers of such overwhelming caliber?

After all, galas are for trotting out stars, and San Francisco Ballet is bursting at the seams with them. To say this was one of the company’s most thrilling openers in recent memory would be disingenuous. But not to say that the current roster of dancers is one of the most compelling in the world would be remiss.

Lorena Feijoo proved that pungently in “Swan Lake’s” Act 3 pas de deux, tossing effortless double pirouettes into the role’s famous Cuisinart of fiendish fouett? turns. Her partner Davit Karapetyan’s rocket-launched double cabrioles and stratospheric grand jet?s were the sensation of the evening. True, she seemed a mite more intent on seducing the audience than enthralling her Prince Siegfried, and he — although gifted with one of nature’s most extraordinary jumps — looked more good-humored than entranced. But if you want to score dramatic effectiveness, wait until this couple tackles the regular run of “Swan Lake” next week.

It’s pyrotechnics that burn brightest at galas, and this pair was blazing. Yet the evening was not one of nonstop fireworks. Tomasson took a few risks in selecting showpieces for his favorite talents. Some offerings looked explosive as ever even ripped from context, but others lost their spark. ”

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