An essay about pandemic life, caring for chickens, the persistence of beauty, the end of the sun, with gratitude to Berfrois for publishing it: “Midnight Sun.”

Here is the actual Beauty:

At this time, I am home schooling a fifth grader, teaching an online writing class for Stanford Continuing Studies, and trying to hold both the reality of suffering in New York, Louisiana, Italy–everywhere–along with some belief in the persistence of the good.

For anyone out there losing track of days–for whatever it’s worth–every night, 9:30 pm, I take 30 minutes and note the moments of the day that were painful, and the moments that were beautiful. Finally I note the case count and number of deaths. I keep the journal private. Somehow this helps.

However you have landed on this page and wherever you are, I hope you are healthy and safe and have the resources you need. We’ll be together again.

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