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The more I see of scrappy stuntman Scott Wells, the more I become an evangelizer for his work. It’s the best-kept secret on the San Francisco dance scene: wild yet carefully crafted, slouchy yet smart–and oh, yes, as you can see from the photo above, it’s a spectacle. His company’s 15th anniversary season continues at ODC Theater this weekend, and I can’t imagine who wouldn’t relish it. There are two new giggle-inducing dances for eight men, one involving balance beams and lovingly satirizing everything from Mary Lou Retton to “Les Sylphides;” in the other, the guys sit around grunting as though on a New Age male-bonding retreat, then cheer on a contact improvisation jam as though calling out a boxing match.

Voice of Dance’s Allan Ulrich loved the show; I profiled Wells for Sunday’s Chronicle. The deepest and most thoughtful appreciation, though, comes from Paul Parish in this month’s San Francisco Magazine. He writes about Wells as only one who “follow{s} Wells as some movie-goers followed Kieslowski,” as he once admitted, could–and he explains how Wells manages to make an inherently non-theatrical form like contact improv wittily, side-splittingly theatrical. So pick up the magazine if you can, but by all means check out the show.

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