Greetings! You’ve landed on the website of writer Rachel Howard. I’m an author, journalist, dance critic, and writing teacher. However, I’m not a web designer (hence the circa 2005 site design—the pink is getting a little old). I’m also not much of a blogger these days, as I’m currently focused on finishing a novel, so you won’t find many new entries on this site. But you will find information on my memoir The Lost Night, links to the ongoing classes I teach at the San Francisco Writers Grotto, archives and examples of my dance reviews, and more random information about me, including my short-lived glory spinning a flag with the world champion Concord Blue Devils. You can also see a picture of my cat. And you can always get in touch with me via rachel at rachel howard dot com. Thanks for visiting.



  • Diane McCain Posted July 8, 2012 1:21 am

    I have just read The Lost Night and find your writing to be excellent. Rarely do I finish reading a book in one day but it was such an easy read. My question is why one would not want to know with certainty who killed your father. It does sound like Sherrie was involved and if true she should have to face the consequences of her actions. It would appear that putting enough pressure on the Sheriff’s Dpt. might cause them to take a strong look at this case and get it solved. Anyway, have to congratulate you for your achievements in life, but feel your mother has been such a solid, positive influence on you.
    Surmise that you are still married to Bill and would imagine you as a mother by now.
    Good Luck to you, and thank you for writing this book.
    Diane McCain

    • Rachel Howard Posted July 10, 2012 9:56 am

      Thanks so much for writing to me, and especially for reading, Diane. I am glad you enjoyed the book. After a few year’s rest, I think I will be getting back in touch with the Sheriff’s department. I truly have no secret theory about what happened that night, and I think my father would be happy to know I have let it go. But someone out there does know.

      I think you’re right that my mother has been the best influence in my life. I am very grateful to her.

      I am no longer married to Bill–we split in 2006. He lives in London now with his partner and daughter. I’m very grateful to him for all the support and good humor he gave me while I was working on the memoir.

      I remarried last year. Dave is an artist and a wonderful guy. No children (yet?).

      Thank you again for getting in touch.

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