I reviewed LEVYdance’s appearance with the new California Regional Dance Touring Project for the Chronicle today:

“Talent: You’ve got it or you don’t. And from the start of Benjamin Levy’s precocious choreographic career, it’s been clear this guy has serious gifts.

Levy’s five-member LEVYdance debuted in 2003 and quickly generated a buzz on both coasts with engagements in New York and Washington, D.C. But his troupe is based here in San Francisco, and it was spellbinding Friday night during the first of two programs designed to bring notable California dance companies to fresh audiences.

The slate, dubbed “Four on the Floor,” is produced by the new California Regional Dance Touring Project, and it travels to Santa Barbara and San Diego in April. Friday’s opening double bill also featured the lush movement and unabashed emotionalism of Jean Isaacs’ San Diego Dance Theater. But it was two works by Levy that had the crowd at ODC Theater on its feet. ”

The other two companies–Santa Barbara Dance Theater and L.A.’s TONGUE–weren’t too shabby, either. Check out the review link for details.

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