New Yorker dance critic Joan Acocella gave a cheerfully frank lecture on “Ballet and Sex” at UC Berkeley last night. As soon as I heard the title, I knew she’d be pontificating on the female crotch–after all, she is the only critic I’ve ever seen refer to a plie in second position en pointe as the “cunt dip.” She showed clips from Balanchine’s “Progigal Son” and “Agon,” Frederick Ashton’s “Monotones,” and a Karole Armitage work whose name now escapes me–all striking illustrations of the pelvis as a locus of power.

Acocella is never one to mince her words. And she’s speaking at UC Berkeley several times more before the week is out. I hope to attend Friday’s panel on “reviewing art.” Click here for full details on her doings as an Avenali lecturer.

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