The poet Alicia Jo Rabins quotes Jewish wisdom: “In a place where there is no good person, strive to be a good person.”

We must live by our faith and love, now more than ever. We must resist.

I think of the Civil Rights leaders, Dr. King and all the named and unnamed who stood with him. People who fought for justice and love because: What choice did they have?

I think of Camus, the French Resistance as the Nazis occupied France. The dangerous, brave actions the Resistance took. And yes, the beauty of what they did. What choice did they have? That was the Existensialist question. They chose truth, and true freedom. They fought.

By an accident of history, I have never had to make that choice. I have never, under threat of brute oppression, hardship, and danger, had to fight for goodness and justice and love.
Now by an accident of history, I must choose. All of us must choose.

We need each other. Our hope is in each other. All petty differences drop away. The strength of our bonding beliefs in love, kindness, and interconnection astonishes us.

There is beauty in this.

We must live in that beauty, no matter what horrors we will now see.

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