Thanks to everyone who answered my call for performances to include in the Chronicle’s fall dance preview. The response was tremendous and tremendously helpful, not just for making the preview as complete as possible, but for alerting me to shows to keep on my radar in the months to come. The fall dance preview won’t be comprehensive, but I’ve tried to make it damn close. Look for it in the Chronicle’s Sunday Pink section on August 26.

The open call was so useful–and I was so surprised to find some people timid about submitting information–that I thought perhaps I should state publicly: I’m always happy to receive press releases about events on the Bay Area dance scene via email (please no hard copy). Send them any time of the year to rachel at rachelhoward dot com.

Meanwhile, we’re in the deadest dance month of the year, and I’m using the slowdown to work my tail off in grad school and press forward on my fiction. Aside from a review of San Francisco Ballet’s Stern Grove performance this Sunday, you won’t be seeing much of me in the Chronicle until September. But then the dance season gets busy–and after finishing the fall preview, I know there’s much to look forward to. See you in the theater next month.

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