This is fun . . . and sort of treacherous. Time Out New York lets the New York dance community review the New York dance critics. The Village Voice’s Deborah Jowitt comes out on top, followed by the Wall Street Journal’s Robert Greskovic, the Times’ Jennifer Dunning, and the New Yorker’s Joan Acocella. Newsday’s relative newcomer Apollinaire Scherr makes a strong showing, and Time Out’s own Gia Kourlas gets good marks but also draws commentary nastier than anything ever printed in her controversial reviews. (What were the editors thinking when they printed that bit about her being a “fashionista and a bitch”? That they didn’t want to be seen as going soft on their own?)

Over on her blog, Apollinaire leaps on the list and deems it a potentially serviceable undertaking. I share her issues with the methodology, and I too wondered, where is Tobi Tobias?

I’m not brave enough to call for a similar ranking of West Coast critics.

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