Apollinaire Scherr, one-time Bay Area dance-watcher and now a feistily individualistic (and sometimes controversial) dance writer for Newsday, has just started a blog at the invaluable Arts Journal.

Among the topics her first post poses for exploration:

“–Do I have to leave my brain at the door? Some definitions of “stupid” in dance, and why people don’t need to tolerate it
–Blackface in ballet: some definitions of “offensive” in ballet, and why people don’t need to make excuses for it
–Civility in criticism: what would that be and what’s it worth?
–The complaints about New York City Ballet’s Peter Martins, and why he’s not listening
–The trend in modern dance of using untrained dancers, and the trial it puts us through
–The contempt some modern-dance choreographers have for critics: do we deserve it?”

San Francisco’s own Paul Parish has already jumped in. Go here to check it out.

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