The New Yorker recently ran a “Talk of the Town” item on the woman who would not rest until Rod Stewart had his Walk of Fame star:

“In October, when Rod Stewart made an appearance on Hollywood Boulevard to unveil his star on the Walk of Fame, perhaps no one was prouder than Marcy Braunstein, a fifty-two-year-old woman from Pittsburgh. Braunstein is the ultimate Rod Stewart fan. This becomes evident to anyone who visits her house and stumbles upon her Rod Room?a cramped space that contains more memorabilia than one might find in a modest Presidential library. These mementos include a framed dress shirt that Rod once wore and a water glass that Rod sipped from on the set of ?Oprah.?

?I like to joke that if my husband and I ever had kids my Rod Room would be a nursery,? Braunstein said recently. ?But it?s not. It?s a Rod Room instead.? ”

My dad, a fellow Rod Stewart fanatic, would have been pleased.

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  • Marcy Braunstein Posted January 23, 2006 12:50 am

    Rachel: It’s a pleasure to hear that your father was also a Rod Stewart Fan! I also think it’s neat that you posted your comment about it on Rod’s birthday–don’t know if you realize that or not. Take care and I look forward to reading your book. Marcy

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