Also in the department of Catching Up on Stories I’ve Done for the Chron, I interviewed transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey for Sunday’s Pink section:

“The hair is short. The makeup-free face is pretty by some angles but also handsome by others. You notice the small breasts, of course, but also the broad, low-slung pelvis. And the movement this long, rangy instrument produces is flowing and gentle, yet strong.

To watch Sean Dorsey in the studio is to surrender your urge to categorize.

“I don’t feel my gender is fluid, or that I’m androgynous or at a place in between,” Dorsey says after rehearsal, humid with the smell of sweat. “But there isn’t a language yet, I don’t think, to describe where I am.”

So Dorsey doesn’t use mere language. The 33-year-old choreographer, who was born female but now prefers the pronoun “he,” uses movement and story, and the combination speaks more poignantly than any label.

In “Second Kiss,” a duet with Mair Culbreth, the dancers tumble over one another as Dorsey’s voice-over tells of a fourth-grader’s flirtations with the class’ most popular girl. In “Six Hours,” the same duo’s dynamic grows testy and tense as Dorsey’s tale describes the lovers’ visit home.

The twist in both cases? The protagonist is an anatomical female who also identifies as male.”

Dorsey’s first full evening of choreography runs Friday and Saturday at ODC Theater. Click here for full story.

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