George Balanchine?s 1965 ?Don Quixote? will be resurrected on Washington D.C.?s Kennedy Center stage tonight. This is one I wish I could fly out for. For non-balletomanes out there, let me explain that this is not the ?Don Q? whose whiz-bang pas de deux has become a staple at glitzy ballet galas. Rather, this is a very personal ballet made by Balanchine at one of his most intense phases of infatuation with New York City Ballet muse Suzanne Farrell, starring Farrell as ?the ideal woman? and often, in its brief stage life, featuring Balanchine himself as the aging Don. Historical curiosity or living, breathing work that transcends the poignancy of its original casting? I?d love to be there to see.

Toni Bentley?s recent New York Times interview with Farrell, alas, now requires payment to read. But today NPR offers an interview about the revival. You can listen by clicking here.

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